Bedfordshire Company Launches Innovative Sitting Gym Thanks to Start-Up Loan

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Bedfordshire-based Sitting Gym company launched thanks to Start Up Loans business loan.

Timetone Ltd owner and Bedfordshire entrepreneur, Alan Green, has secured a start-up loan from First Enterprise – Enterprise Loans to launch an innovative, newly manufactured product to help people with reduced mobility exercise from the comfort of their own chair.

Alan thought of the idea after his wife broke her leg and needed a solution to help with rehabilitation but found nothing suitable to help: “There was nothing suitable on the market so I decided to create my own solution and Sitting Gym was born.

Sitting gym

“The loan was instrumental in helping me to develop the product quickly before IP time constraints expired, allowing protected foreign markets to be accessed. The process was also straightforward and quick.”

Sitting Gym is an attachment that fits onto a wide range of chairs and allows anyone with reduced mobility to exercise whilst sitting down. It provides a low cost, convenient, whole body, toning and light cardio workout without taking up any extra room in your house. In addition to helping care home residents or anyone recovering from injuries, it can also help office workers exercise at their desk. When fitted with an electronic timer reminder, it also prompts users to exercise at selected intervals.

As we age or after injury, muscles weaken and everyday actions become challenging. In these times, it is particularly important to undertake regular, gentle exercise to rebuild and strengthen muscles to avoid muscle wastage. Sitting Gym allows users to undertake regular exercise from the comfort of their chair, providing a fantastic solution for anyone struggling with mobility.

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