Wesley Callison discovered his passion for photography whilst studying at university, but after graduating, he did not initially turn his hobby into a career. However, upon observing the work of the photographer hired for his friend’s wedding, Wesley realised his potential to create even better quality work and decided it was time to launch his own business. 

What makes Wesley’s business unique is his focus on providing couples with high-quality printed photobooks, packaged into his services from the very start. He recognised that people want tangible products when preserving wedding memories.  

Wesley’s work with the tools purchased using funding from First Enterprise

To turn his goal into reality, Wesley needed funding to purchase equipment essential for quality wedding photography. This is where First Enterprise – Enterprise Loans stepped in to help. We provided a small business loan that enabled Wesley to buy the cameras, lenses and other gear he required. 

Wesley’s work with the tools purchased using funding from First Enterprise

Additionally, Wesley received invaluable mentorship from his assigned Business Adviser Simon. Simon assisted with Wesley’s business plan, loan application, and provided guidance whenever needed. This support gave Wesley the confidence and tools necessary to launch. 

With his passion, talent, and customer-focused vision, plus the backing of First Enterprise’s financing and advice, Wesley now has all the elements in place to turn his long-time hobby into a thriving wedding photography studio. 

First Enterprise – Enterprise Loans provides business loans ranging from £500 – £150,000, which are funded through several regional funds, for start-ups and SMEs that are unable to borrow from traditional high-street lenders. The not-for-profit organisation reinvests any surplus into loan funds to further support economic growth and job creation in the local communities.  

Wesley Callison, Founder of Wesley Callison Photography, comments: “The support I received from my advisor, Simon, was way more than I ever expected. He mentored me and helped me write all of the business documents needed for me to be able to get my loan approved and was there at the end of the phone any time I called with questions, and if he couldn’t answer a question, he pointed me in the right direction to be able to get the answers I need. It wasn’t just someone at the end of an email to simply say yes or no and I really am grateful for all of the support I have received from First Enterprise.”  

Simon Mitchell, Investment Manager at First Enterprise – Enterprise Loans, comments: “Wesley was a really strong applicant for a Start Up Loan. He understood his business, keenly solicited feedback from me on areas where the underwriter was likely to focus, and was prepared to go to great lengths to get his application in the best possible shape. I am sure his business will be successful. Wesley’s energy and creativity should make sure that it is.”.  

First Enterprise – Enterprise Loans is an official Business Support Partner for the British Business Bank’s Start Up Loan Scheme within a network of business support partners, delivering Start Up Loans across the East Midlands, South East Midlands and West Midlands.