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Innovative new product put on the UK market thanks to loan funding.

With support from First Enterprise, Kevin Burns and business partner Geoff Hunter who run Clear Water Supplies, bought the distribution rights to introduce a new way of treating water in the UK, Irish and Indian markets.

Geoff and Kevin set up Clear Water Supplies after recognising how Sphagnum Moss could be used to treat water, cutting chemical usage by around 50 per cent. First Enterprise backed Clear Water Supplies by making a substantial facility available in March 2015. The business is now using the funding to explore new markets with ambitions to extend the product into the domestic markets, with a new product, Moss-It, a water conditioning system for domestic appliances such as coffee machines.

Clear Water Supplies is now working alongside the ASA (Amateur Swimming Association) to trial its products in a number of swimming pools across the UK for some of the leading operators. It is also running trials with industrial water treatments systems within cooling towers and steam generators.

Clear Water Supplies

Nottingham entrepreneurs Kevin Burns and Geoff Hunter, are set to revolutionise the way water is treated with the introduction of Sphagnum Moss into industry, swimming pools, spas and homes.

Neil Millington, loan fund manager at First Enterprise said: “Kevin and Geoff had a clear vision of where they wanted to take the business and an excellent model. They are also incredibly passionate about their products.”

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Funding has allowed Clear Water Supplies to explore new markets

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