About First Enterprise

First Enterprise Business Agency is a leading social enterprise for the East Midlands region and holds an extensive history of proactively providing business advice and support through different capacities.

At First Enterprise, we aim to create and sustain economic advantage through self-employment by providing pre and post-start up support.

Our background derives from a range of experts in the agency holding a history of industry experience, thus understanding and continuing to develop with the changing environment through innovative thought and a desire to make a difference to people’s lives. We endeavour to break barriers and help people from disadvantaged and ethnic minority communities; however this service is not exclusive and everyone is welcome.

Since establishment in 1989, we seek to meet the challenges faced by disadvantaged and ethnic minority communities, aiming to bridge the gap of accessibility of support and provide confidential and culturally sensitive business support service to people from all backgrounds and communities. Many of our advisors are bilingual, making business make sense.

First Enterprise is committed to:

  • Delivering quality services
  • Targeting the specific needs of those from disadvantaged backgrounds
  • Equal opportunities for all
  • Developing businesses, creating jobs and growing the local economy

Our clients gain services such as business and procurement advice, training, research and help with business plans, as well as the ability to access finance at competitive rates or obtain cost effective office accommodation, virtual services and hotdesking. We are a vital link and resource for communities, impacting business growth, job creation, skills and labour force development and community relations.

  • A DTI approved Enterprise Agency
  • An IIP and ISO 9001 quality organisation
  • Staff SFEDI Accredited (Small Firms Enterprise Development Initiative)
  • Recognised leader in the Enterprise Development field

    As an agency that prides itself on supporting such a diverse community, we have an expert team of Enterprise Development Officers who understand the cultural, financial and business needs that these groups might have.


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